When we talk about the Internet of Things, we not only mean smart phones, but also about sensors, digital twins, the latest trends in telecommunications or even the Metaverse. Cédric Crettaz is an engineer at the IoT LAB in Geneva, Switzerland, and an important part of the AD4GD project. As part of a series of videos introducing our various partners on our YouTube channel, we conducted an interview with him.

IoT LAB is an association with 10 years of history devoted to innovation and research in the field of Internet of Things. Their journey began with a european project in which they built a testbed service for conducting experiments related to IoT. Nowadays, IoT LAB is providing with the latest technology and international expertise for digital transformation. Flexible, robust and cos-efficient solutions are being deployed by them across all Europe.

In the AD4GD project, Cédric is in charge of the WP3 – Heterogeneous IoT Data Integration. The main objective of this work package is to achive integration of IoT data coming from various data streams into the European Green Deal Data Space. The heterogeneity of this kind of data is usually higher than for other sources due to the amount of different protocols, data formats and technologies that are used to collect them. You can learn more about this work package by clicking on this link.

Check the full interview conducted by Darica Egorova from Mandat International, on our Youtube channel: