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Data Space

The Green Deal Data Space (GDDS) is one of the common European data spaces envisioned by the European Commission to integrate enormous amounts of cross-sectorial data in support of the priority actions of the European Green Deal in terms of biodiversity, zero pollution, circular economy, climate change, forestal services, smart mobility and environmental compliance.

AD4GD’s mission is to co-create and shape the European Green Deal Data Space as an open hub for FAIR data and standards-based services that support the key priorities of pollution, biodiversity and climate change

Solutions alligned with the Green Deal

AD4GD will demonstrate that the developed building blocks could shape the future European Green Deal Data Space as an open hub for FAIR data and standards-based services with integrated data through three pilot cases oriented towards Green Deal priorities.


Habitat connectivity affects the distribution of species within ecosystems. It is a key biodiversity indicator and, therefore, a cornerstone in European restoration policies. This pilot aims to monitor historical connectivity indices in Catalonia using data coming from remote sensing maps, species occurrence observations and sensor data to enhance regional and local actions.

Air Quality

Poor urban air quality causes serious health issues across Europe. This pilot employs low-cost IoT sensors to enhance accurate and localized air pollution forecasting while involving citizen communities. The goal is to provide detailed local air quality insights that support informed health decisions and help to establish replicable models for urban air quality enhancement.

Ruhwaldteich lake in Berlin. Image: KWB.


Berlin’s small lakes are ecological hotspots at risk due to various climate and urban stressors. These lakes also suffer from a lack of information on their condition. This pilot project aims to develop indicators of water quality and availability by integrating IoT sensor data with satellite and citizen science data to improve decision-making at a local level.

A common approach to metadata on GeoDataCubes is being worked on by the Green Deal Data Space Sister Projects

The Sister Projects of the EuroGEO Action Group on the Green Deal Data Space launch a common action regarding metadata concepts on GeoDataCubes.

Enhancing Air Quality Monitoring with IoT and Low-Cost Sensors

Many European cities have air quality below WHO recommendations. IoT technology and low-cost sensors driven by citizen science offer a cost-effective solution to monitor air pollution.

New IoT oxygen sensors will for the first time monitor the condition of 3 Berlin lakes

The data collected will contribute to the reseach on building blocks for the Green Deal Data Space.

How does AD4GD support European climate and biodiversity policies?

May 9 is Europe Day. What better way to celebrate than by reviewing how can we support the EU’s climate and biodiversity targets. Happy Europe Day!

AD4GD and USAGE explore the connections between data spaces and digital twins in the BDTIC 2024

How are data spaces and digital twins connected? Francesca Noardo (OGC) showed this link at the BDTIC 2024.

Why are Standards Important in Horizon Europe Research Projects?

Standards surround us. Just imagine about travelling within countries using different sockets. Horizon Europe projects need to engage in standardization, let’s see why!

Perspectives for a new working group on geospatial data requirements, highlight of the 128th OGC Member Meeting

The OGC family gathered at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) for their 128th Member Meeting. During a full-week working session, from the 25th to the 28th of March, the different researchers and experts on geospatial data that conform the Open Geospatial...

Lucy Bastin & Ivette Serral, keynote and jury at the B-Cubed innovative biodiversity hackathon

Both members of AD4GD will be headlining as keynote speaker and judge at the upcoming B-Cubed biodiversity hackathon.

3-in-1 meeting in Turin: hackathon, plenary and open day

From February 5 to 9, the AD4GD consortium met at Turin to host 3 face-to-face coordinated events. Not to be missed!

The OGC RAINBOW idea and concept for AD4GD

What is the idea behind OGC RAINBOW? How can its innovative concept enable essential links for Green Deal use cases? Let’s talk!

Towards best practices with data lakes and data spaces in an ILIAD webinar

The ILIAD project is an EU-funded project that aims at stablishin an interoperable, data-intensive, and cost-effective Digital Twin of the Ocean (EDITO). Their work is closely linked to the development of other data infrastructures such as data spaces or data lakes,...

AD4GD takes part in the Biodiversity Aspects of the Green Deal Data Space webinar, organized by Eionet

Ivette Seral (CREAF) presented the AD4GD biodiversity pilot in this Eionet webinar.

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