Do we know everything about our lakes, especially the smaller ones? How can a data space help to improve water assessment of these areas? That’s why we have Malte Zamzow on our team. He is an enviromental engineer specialized in water and soil research who has been working for 6 years at the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (Germany) in topics like surface water, stormwater runoff and chemical risk assesment. We interviewed him as part of the series of videos we are posting on our Youtube Channel presenting our different partners.

KWB is a nonpront research institute working on various aspects on the whole water cycle leading projects mainly in the city of Berlin, but also Germany and Europe wide. Through dedicated research, practical solutions and innovative services, KWB is adressing climate change, water crises, digitalisation, urbanisation and the promotion of smart cities.

Their team is in charge of one of our project’s three pilots, the one related to the zero pollution strategy and, therefore, one of the Green Deal’s objectives. In their case study they will work with small lakes of the city of Berlin. Those lakes are not under the European Water Framework Directive and their protocols. This means that we have little information about them, despite their importance for biodiversity, mitigation of the heat island effect in cities or as a recreational area. In this link, you may learn more about this case study.

Check the full interview, conducted by Darica Egorova from Mandat International, on our Youtube channel: