Ivette Serral presenting our pilot on biodiversity and habitat connectivity at the EC-ESA Joint Earth System Science Initiative.

In our ongoing commitment to advancing sustainable solutions for the Green Deal objectives, the AD4GD project participated in the recent EC-ESA Earth System Science Initiative conference. This collaborative effort, launched in January 2020, aims to unite scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders in addressing global challenges and advancing “Science for a Green and Sustainable Society.”

The AD4GD project made significant inroads during the conference regarding our biodiversity pilot with two impactful presentation. Firstly, Joan Masó resarcher at CREAF took the stage in the ESA – EC Biodiversity Projects – Part 1 session on Thursday, 23 November. His presentation delved into the objectives of the AD4GD project, shedding light on its role in addressing biodiversity challenges within the framework of the EC-ESA collaboration.

On the other hand, Ivette Serral, also researcher at CREAF, presented a poster titled “Ecological Connectivity based on Remote Sensing Land Cover Classes as a Biodiversity Pilot Case for the Green Deal Data Space.” This innovative approach showcased the project’s proposal for the Green Deal Data Space, as part of the necessary solution to the challenge of sustainability.