The AD4GD project has released the first of a series of video interviews that have been carried out for each of the partners of the project consortium and which will be published periodically over the next few months. The initiative aims to give a voice to all parties and it’s an opportunity to know AD4GD’s consortium on a personal and professional level, towards the FAIR and interoperable co-creation of the data space for the European Green Deal. The first interviewed is Raul Palma, head of the data analysis and semantics department at the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in Poland.

PSNC is one of the largest digital infrastructure providers in Poland. Their R&D activity is focused on digital science, providing solutions for education, research and scientific communities; digital industry, innovating in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and social innovation, making technological opportunities arrive to various social groups. Raul Palma and their team are working on the application of semantic web technologies in areas connected to the Green Deal, mainly for agriculture, but also for other bioeconomic sectors such as forestry or aquaculture. 

The main contribution of PSNC to the AD4GD project is in terms of interoperability with a special focus on data coming from different providers. They lead WP1 – Semantic and Interoperability Space where one of the main goals is to create a semantic model that functions as a common vocabulary for unambiguous data exchange.

Check the full interview, conducted by Darica Egorova from Mandat International on our Youtube channel: