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The goal of the WP1 is to deliver a GD Data Space, which will provide interoperability support for the heterogeneous and increasingly growing set of data and services available in the various action areas addressed by the GD (e.g., climate, energy, industry, agriculture and biodiversity) and that will directly contribute towards a European GD Data Space. In particular, this task focuses on the semantic interoperability aspects enabling different systems to exchange data with unambiguous meaning, and to enable an integrated data access for the execution of advanced data analytics (WP5), to support the pilots (WP6). The main objectives of WP1 are the following:

  • Identify relevant stakeholders and define the technical and functional requirements concerning data modelling/semantics, data interoperability, federated data management, as well as data analytics, knowledge extraction and decision making in GD ecosystem and in particular in the pilots.
  • Design and implement the semantic data model (AD4GD information model) that will provide the basis to enable heterogenous services to interoperate and to integrate data based on different data models.
  • Provide methods for extracting, handling and sharing data, including the implementation of general data aggregation/management/integration operations, complying with data privacy and security requirements to ensure proper data usage and exploitation. These methods will be adapted in the data integration WPs (WP2-4).
  • Provide a set of open and standardized APIs necessary to provide the core services of the AD4GD ecosystem, which will be based on the AD4GD information model.


CREAF - Centre de Recerca Ecològica i Aplicacions Forestals
Campus de Bellaterra (UAB) Edifici C, 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallès, SPAIN
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