Florian Jasche is a researcher and software developer at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Technology (FIT) in Bonn, Germany. He specializes in user-friendly designs for tecnological solutions. On this occasion, he explained to us what Fraunhofer’s role will be during the development of the AD4GD project. This is the second in a series of interviews with all our partners that we publish fortnightly. In the first one we interviewed Raul Palma from PSNC. Check the rest of them on our Youtube channel.

FIT is one of the about 70 institute of Fraunhofer, a world-leading applied research organization, where they develop research in human-computer interaccion, software engineering, data analytics and machine learning. In this regard, they work together with industry, goverments and general society in a national and international scope. Florian is part of the human engineering and design department and for him and his team where his ultimate goal is to try to get humans to take an active role in the development of new technology. In order to do that, they apply design thinking techniques, prototyping and usability tests, amongs others.

The main contribution of FIT to the AD4GD project is to keep the human in the loop. This means to put themselves in the shoes of the end users of the Green Deal Data Space in order to develop it with their needs as a priority. Furthermore, they are creating the graphical interfaces for the future data space which will test very closely to the pilot cases.

Check the full interview, conducted by Darica Egorova from Mandat International, on our Youtube channel: