Malte Zamzow presenting the AD4GD project to the audience of "WasserWerkstatt". Image: KWB.

Malte Zamzow presenting the AD4GD project to the audience of “WasserWerkstatt”. Image: KWB.

The AD4GD pilot on water pollution was presented to stakeholders and decision makers in a conference on small urban lakes organized in Berlin. The event called “WasserWerkstatt” brought together experts and authorities from the German capital and beyond, who shared their perspectives on the benefits that small lakes can bring to the city and the challenges that lay ahead.

The event’s topic “Big visions for small ponds – the future of Berlin’s lakes in times of climate change” gathered almost 100 participants, who enjoyed informative presentations and exciting discussions around the topic. “WasserWerkstatt” is part of the “Water Innovation Challenge Berlin” which calls on business, research, and society to address one of the greatest challenges of our time in the City of Berlin in concrete cooperation and transfer formats.

Malte Zamzow, researcher at KWB, presented how the AD4GD project is integrating satellite data, online sensors, and citizen science to get to know these small lakes more and better. During the evening Andrea Gerischer from the Berlin Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection, and the Environment (SenMVKU) explained the strategies for small lakes from the perspective of the Berlin Senate. Furthermore, data management in the Berlin district of Neukölln was presented and the “Berlin Water Network” (“Wassernetz Berlin”) was introduced.

Attendees to the event organized by KWB on small urban lakes. Image: KWB.

We would like to thank all the speakers: Prof. Dr. Martin Jekel, Sandra Thumm, Falko Carl, Andrea Gerischer, Malte Zamzow, Dr. Jürgen Hofmann, Rainer Teschner-Steinhardt and Christian Schweer – as well as the moderator Andreas Matzinger! All presentation slides in German language can be found on KWB’s website.

“WasserWerkstatt is organized by KWB under the umbrella of the “Water Innovation Challenge Berlin”, organized by the Berlin School of Economics and Law in collaboration with the Startup Incubator Berlin, the IHK Berlin, the university network “Zukunft findet Stadt” and Berlin Partner for Business and Technology.