The AD4GD project is an innovation project with an ambitious goal: bring together data from satellites, sensor networks, volunteer scientists and official sources. And that’s only the beggining; we also aim to reach other kind of data available as long as they are scientifically reliable. Such a broad mindset needs someone to help the project to keep its feet on the ground. That’s the role of Lucy Bastin, from Aston University. She and her team are in charge of coordinating our three pilot cases, where we want to test our proposal for a FAIR and interoperable Green Deal Data Space.

“All Data for Green Deal is an ambitious title. The Green Deal is ambitious and the ‘all data’ goal is ambitious. (…) A lot of tools already exist, so we have to mobilize them, lower the entry barriers to them and bring them all together »


Reader in Computer Science, Aston University (UK)

Aston University, situated in Birmingham (UK), has a strong technical focus and is committed to knowledge transfer. The Computer Science Department, where Lucy works, is currently engaged in cutting-edge research on Artificial Intelligence (IA), software development, and informatics for practical applications in the real world.

As stated before, their role in the AD4GD is to coordinate our three pilot cases on biodiversity, air quality and water pollution, which were oficially launched in an internal workshop in Bonn (Germany). As pilot coordinators they are the linking point between all the tools, standards, models, human experts and data sources that are being used and implemented.

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