CREAF researchers Joan Masó and Alba Brobia during the host of Session 9 of the INSPIRE Conference 2023. Image: Bente Lilja Bye.

 The INSPIRE Conference 2023 has been a pivotal event to provide a platform for stakeholders to delve into the early findings of the GreenData4All impact assessment. This conference also explored potential policy options for transforming the INSPIRE Directive into a crucial instrument for populating the Green Deal Data Space (GDDS) with pertinent information. The AD4GD project could not miss this encounter where we had the opportunity to present our proposals and lead a session aimed at further investigating the integration of data from different sources in the GDDS.

Bridging Realms: AD4GD's Contribution to Green Data Integration

A core focus of the conference is to bridge the gap between green and digital domains, fostering collaboration among diverse thematic communities. CREAF researcher Joan Masó hosted the Session No. 9, titled “Research and innovation integrating multi-source environmental and location data in the Green Deal Data Space“, as a meeting point for innovation projects and stakeholders involved in infrastructures, tools, and data sharing aimed at shaping the Green Deal Data Space.

We would like to thank the participation of the various speakers, among whom were Jari Reini and Antti Jakobsson from the National Land Survey of Finland and involved in the GeoE3 project; Stefania Morrone (Epsilon Italia), involved in the FAIRiCUBE project; Giacomo Martirano (Epsilon Italia), working in the USAGE project; Damiano Oldoni (INBO) from the B-Cubed project; and Angelos Tsotzos from the OSGeo foundation. We would like to highlight the presence of the 4 sister projects that form the core of the EuroGEO Action Group on the Green Deal Data Space, who showcased examples of location data and tools, emphasizing the amalgamation of thematic and geospatial location components as integral elements of the GDDS.

We also thank the INSPIRE conference organizers for providing the space to discuss the future of the Green Deal Data Space.

You may re-watch the full session at the Streaming Service of the European Commission following the link below, from minute 13:57:00 to 15:35:10: