INSPIRE Conference 2023 – Green Data For All

The 2023 INSPIRE conference provides an excellent opportunity to consult the community of stakeholders on the initial findings of the GreenData4All impact assessment and possible policy options for the evolution of the INSPIRE Directive into a key instrument to populate the Green Deal Data Space with relevant data. The conference also aims to bridge the gap between green and digital and wants to bring together the different thematic communities.

The session No 9 “Research and innovation integrating multi-source environmental and location data in the Greem Deal Data Space” will bring together environmental research and innovation projects and stakeholders aimed at delivering innovation in infrastructures, tools, and data sharing for the Green Deal Data Space. Examples of location data and tools from AD4GD, GeoE3, LIH, FAIRiCUBE, USAGE, B3 and the OSGeo foundation, such as biodiversity data cubes, semantic integration and smart sensors will be presented and discussed to highlight the importance of combination of thematic and geospatial location components as a key aspect of EU data spaces, and the environmental data space in particular.