16th International Conference on Urban Drainage 2024

The ICUD conference is the most important international event in the field of urban drainage. The 2024 edition will be held in-person in the city of Delft (Netherlands), where water related issues have always been at the forefront and have left their mark on the landscape and urban design.

The aims of ICUD include to present the latest advances and innovations in fundamental and applied research on urban drainage, considering the themes of metrology, hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and socio-economics. Among its specific interest are urban water quality, in-sewer processes, storm water management, modelling and control, and asset management. The ambition is to advance in the scientific knowledge in the field to promoting a sustainable and integrated urban water management.

Our consortium member Malte Zamzow, researcher at the Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin (KWB), who is also leading the development of our water pilot, will participate in the event with a talk on how to use satellite data to estimate the trophic states of lakes.

The final agenda of the conference will be published soon, but a preliminary timetime is already available, so stay tuned!

Early bird registration is now open until 1st of April. You may register in the ICUD website.