We’re thrilled to announce that Lucy Bastin and Ivette Serral, members of AD4GD, will be headlining respectively as keynote speaker and judge at the upcoming B-Cubed “Hacking Biodiversity Data Cubes for Policy” hackathon this April!

The B-Cubed project will bring together a committed group of informaticians, researchers and practitioners with a keen interest in biodiversity data between 2 and 5 April in Brussels. The goal of the 4-day event is to standardize biodiversity data in order to enhance efficiency and accessibility by experimenting with data cubes into creative and innovative solutions for a variety of challenges.

Aston University reader in Computer Science, Lucy Bastin, has been invited to take part as a keynote speaker to share her expertise in spatiotemporal analysis for decision making in environmental and conservation contexts. She will be presenting insights about habitat connectivity data cubes in relation to our pilot case in biodiversity. Other keynote speakers that will join her during the week include Andrew Rodrigues (GBIF Secretariat), Yanica Sica (University of Giessen and IPBES) and Evangelia Drakou (Harokopio University of Athens).

Ivette Serral, CREAF reseracher, during her e-poster presentation. Photo: Diego de la Vega.

CREAF researcher in remote sensing and GIS, Ivette Serral, will be part of the jury that will decide the winning solutions for the eleven innovative projects that were selected for the hackathon. The list ranges from the use of data cubes for biodiversity conservation in agricultural environments, to monitoring marine biodiversity, to integrating species occurrence. The participants will present their conclusions on the last day of the event and the jury will announce the results taking into account different expert criteria. 

B-Cubed’s hackathon is a nice opportunity for researchers, including students, to bring together their perspectives and knowledge, engage with data cubes and connect with leading experts in the field while pushing boundaries and tackling real challenges. 

If you wish to attend online to this event, you can register in the following link: