Group picture from the AD4GD plenary meeting. Image: AD4GD.

Group picture from the AD4GD plenary meeting. Image: AD4GD.

Turin was the destination chosen to host an intense week of work for the AD4GD project partners. From February 5 to 9, the consortium met at the premises of the Politecnico di Torino and advanced together towards innovation on components for the Green Deal Data Space with 3 coordinated and complementary actions: an internal hackathon, our biannual face-to-face plenary meeting and an open event for stakeholders on air quality data.

Hacking for the Green Deal

On the occasion of a face-to-face meeting between the project partners, the opportunity to work together live could not be missed. That is why the 2 days that we planned to dedicate to an intensive internal hackathon, finally became 3 due to the interest of everyone present.

Among the results of the hackathon is the definition of a series of building blocks stack diagrams that condense our vision for our pilot cases in the context of the Green Deal Data Space. These diagrams include technical building blocks for data FAIRness and services, computation aspects, and user interfaces design.

In addition, great progress was made regarding the management of different types of data like meteorology, IoT or citizen science in relation to our pilots. Extensive work has also been done towards the actual implementation of semantic interoperability. Live demonstrations on the use of connectors in the data space model were also conducted in our efforts to evaluate their usefulness for geospatial data management.

A mid-term plenary meeting

After a review of the work carried out during the hackathon, the different work packages presented their current progress. The actions carried out during the last 6 months and the expectations for the next 6 to come were highlighted.

This intense and productive meeting was held in the context of the mid-term assessment of the project that the European Commission will undertake in the upcoming months. All efforts build on the foundations already laid during the previous face-to-face plenary meeting held in Leipzig in June 2023. The conclusions have already been translated into the preparation of the corresponding deliverables, which will be made public after their evaluation.

This moment therefore marks the beginning of the second stage of AD4GD, which shall be focused on the delivery of results, largely centered on the pilot cases and built on the knowledge already generated.

AD4GD participants during the internal hackathon. Image: Diego de la Vega.

Tackling air quality data challenges

The state of the air we breathe in urban environments is a matter of public health and environmental sustainability. Northern Italy is one of the focus areas of our air quality pilot that could benefit from a Green Deal Data Space that facilitates reliable data sharing.

In order to understand the needs of data producers and users, we organized an open day to establish debate and mutual interactions. This included some presentations by AD4GD partners on the Green Deal Data Space and the air quality challenge, insights by DIATI researchers at Politecnico di Torino and other stakeholders like Regione Piemonte or the Sensor Community, as well as open discussions. 

A summary of some of the conclusions of the event and videos of the presentations will be made public soon in our blog. Stay tuned!